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Herzog’s Railroad Construction  Division  is as dynamic and diverse as the name implies.   Herzog encompasses major transportation projects that include new track construction, track rehabilitation, station construction, bridge construction, and Design-Build projects.   These projects are located throughout the United States and represent many unique locations such as Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, Southern Florida, California, the Greater Salt Lake City Area, the Albuquerque - Santa Fe Area and the Dallas Metroplex.

As State and Federal funding for transportation has shifted focus from the standard design, bid, build process, to alternative project delivery methods, Herzog has responded.  Several projects, including those in Dallas are being built using the Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC) method.  The Mid-Jordan Project for UTA in Salt Lake City is being constructed using the Design Build Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) concept. Another delivery system is Best Value, where the proposing contractors are “graded” on a stated set of metrics such as technical expertise, schedule, quality and price, with the selection going to the team with the highest score. These types of construction processes are requiring Herzog to partner with several national construction leaders to create a dynamic team with advanced skills and resources to meet the challenges of today’s construction market.  Salt Lake City, Denver, Albuquerque, Seattle, and Dallas are all examples of projects where HCC has entered into formal Joint Venture Agreements.

Our Joint Ventures, CMGC and Design Build Projects all represent the wave of the future for contracting and have enabled Herzog to address the needs of our clients and grow our workforce.  This in turn is elevating us into new markets with increased visibility making Herzog Contracting Corp. one of the country’s leading companies in transportation construction.

Utah Transit Authority
Salt Lake City, UT

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Metrolink - Los Angeles, CA

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