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Class 1 Engineering

Turnkey railway engineering services with high-tech equipment

Class 1 Railroad Engineering Solutions

Herzog Railroad Services

Herzog provides turnkey railway engineering services with high-tech equipment developed and built specifically for railroad right-of-way maintenance and construction applications.

Our equipment service offerings enhance safety and increase production with minimal impact to train operations.

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Who We Serve
Class 1 railroads
Short line railroads
Rail transit systems
Material yards
Timber industry
Commodities owners
Capability Services
Research and development
Ballast distribution
Material handling
ROW survey
Scheduled maintenance
Predictive maintenance
Emergency response
Added Value

Extensive R&D for new products and services

Much of our specialized equipment was developed as the result of Class I railroads approaching Herzog to find a solution for their needs. Our R&D personnel continuously work to improve this equipment for tomorrow’s demands.

One-stop shop

We are your single source for all MOW needs including construction, scheduled and preventative maintenance, and emergency response.


Our R&D personnel works to accommodate the operational needs of our customers through technology and innovation. We strive to improve today’s equipment and develop new technology for tomorrow’s needs.


Our state-of-the-art shops have the resources and expertise to build a vast array of maintenance of way equipment.


Help to maximize your financial flexibility and get access to the latest MOW technology with our equipment leasing options.


Our qualified, skilled professionals maintain a safe work environment and a high level of productivity while performing maintenance on your corridor.


Our highly-skilled operators and technicians are trained in preventative maintenance and on-site repairs to minimize downtime.


Ballast distribution equipment

Ballast Distribution

Herzog offers a comprehensive selection of ballast cars that aid in both maintenance and new track construction. All cars have capabilities that optimize operations for varying distances, quantities, and locations regardless of environmental conditions.

Material handling equipment

Material Handling

Herzog’s track construction equipment provides the safest, most efficient means of material handling within limited work blocks for single track and multiple track configurations. Our equipment is designed to address your critical maintenance-of-way needs.

ROW survey vehicles

ROW Survey

Herzog has developed several road-to-rail vehicles that model and analyze the entire railroad right-of-way. Whether you are performing PTC critical feature validation, ballast profiling, or clearance analysis, our technology offers improved reliability and accuracy for new construction and track rehabilitation services.

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  • association of American railroads
  • AARM 1003 Certified
  • Federal Transit Admin
  • FRA