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GIS Software

Data processing for all your GIS needs

GIS Track Data Survey & Management Software

Up-to-date track surveys are increasingly important with the advent of PTC, but raw data is not enough.

Herzog’s railroad expertise has enabled us to build a suite of software applications to process GIS data quickly and accurately.

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Applications + Purpose
PTC survey
Subdiv file generation
Survey data processing
Configuration management
Test books and artifacts
Who We Serve
Class 1 railroads
Short line railroads
Rail transit systems

Automating and simplifying complex processes

Herzog has been performing GIS work for many years. In response to industry needs, we have created software applications to increase accuracy and efficiency for PTC-required railroads.



GIS Software Features

Validation of
SubDiv files

Herzog’s Stand Alone Validator (SAV) compares and validates Subdiv files to ensure proper use.

Asset identification
and extraction

To streamline asset identification and extraction, we created two software applications, Vortex and vRail. These allow for increased production and efficiency when processing field collected data, reducing delivery times for time-sensitive artifacts.


Herzog’s data collection and management processes include robust testing and validation steps to fully support a variety of configuration management programs.