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Ultrasonic Rail Testing

Reduce risks associated
with track failures

Ultrasonic Rail Testing & Rail Flaw Detection Services

Herzog Services, Inc.

Herzog offers rail testing solutions that help clients reduce the risks associated with track failures and potential derailments. Our three vehicle platforms, fitted with multi-channel ultrasonic testing hardware, can efficiently traverse different classes of track and maintain quality service.

A patented probe array with an option for Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) scans the rail for FRA defects as well as customer-defined anomalies, providing accurate information for even the most demanding railways in the U.S.

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Who We Serve
Class 1 railroads
Regional railroads
Short line railroads
Commuters and transits
Industry spurs
Wide gauge applications
Capability Services
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
Vision System
Project Process
Stop verification
Continuous testing (Non-stop)

Road-to-rail testing capabilities

As railroads have experienced an uptick in rail traffic, available track time for inspection has decreased.  As a result, Herzog developed a quicker, more efficient way of inspecting rail with our road-to-rail capabilities minimizing impacts to daily rail operations.

Stop Verification

Stop verification involves scanning the rail in bulk mode with the inspection vehicle. If an indication is presented to the operator that may be caused by a defect or other anomaly, it can be pinpointed by the test system and verified by manual testing.

Continuous Testing (Non-stop)

Continuous testing allows more miles to be tested in provided work windows than Stop Verification. Rail is scanned in bulk mode and test data is transferred to a remote location for analysis. Any indications that may be caused by a defect or another anomaly are then sent to a qualified technician for on-site verification.

Data hosting and web portal

All test data is stored and maintained on secure servers. Customized reports and web interfaces are available upon request.


Methods of Detection

Herzog combines a variety of technologies on our platforms to provide the most comprehensive data set possible for flaw detection.


Phased array rail testing

Ultrasound can be deflected away from the target area inside the rail by deviations in the running surface. Herzog uses a sophisticated measuring system to continually feed the deviation into the focal law calculators to correct the entry angle to reach the desired target area.


Railway Industry-Leading Product Development


Vision system data gathering

Line scan cameras collect rail surface information at designated points to provide more comprehensive information back to the operator. This information can also aid in post processing and false call elimination.


Our certified American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Level III technicians instruct our personnel using the latest technical training and knowledge for the tests they perform, witness, monitor, or evaluate.