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GIS Data Collection
& Management

Manage all facets of GIS

GIS Data Collection & Management Services

Herzog Technologies

Herzog is innately familiar with the various aspects of GIS data, from surveys to processing to testing to delivery.

In addition to PTC, the Herzog GIS data collection expertise is easily transferable into railroad infrastructure asset management fields.

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Class 1 railroads
Short line railroads
Rail transit systems
GIS data collection
GIS data processing
GIS data testing
GIS data delivery
Capability Services
GIS surveys
Feature identification
Feature extraction
PTC Subdiv file generation
PTC Subdiv file testing
PTC Subdiv file delivery
Transferable assets

Complete PTC track
data capability

Herzog’s GIS capabilities are all-inclusive and flexible allowing Herzog to customize a solution to meet your needs. Our intelligent processing maximizes the usefulness of data for PTC-required railroads using I-ETMS® or railroads interested in infrastructure management.

GIS Data Collection

Our track survey platform provides accurate data and high-resolution imagery, with no impact to normal operations.

  • Universal vehicle installation
  • SpeedTrax® platform
  • HD video, LiDAR, 360° imagery, and aerial drone options

GIS Data Processing

Survey data is processed using our Herzog-built PTC tool suite. Data is stored/managed in a Class 4 data center, offering the highest level of availability and security.

  • Error checking
  • Difference reporting
  • PTC rules-based testing
  • Subdiv/Track Chart generator

GIS Data Testing

Understanding the criticality of the GIS data, we thoroughly test all deliverables prior to delivery. The tests are in-depth and occur at several stages throughout the entire process.

  • Automated
  • Repeatable
  • Verifiable
  • Configuration-managed

GIS Data Delivery

Our delivery methods are customer-focused and flexible. Our rail expertise provides us the insight we need to deliver data in the most applicable format.

  • GIS data
  • Identification of all infrastructure assets
  • PTC data model compatible
  • Complete Subdiv files
  • FRA support documentation
  • Easily integrated

GIS Capabilities

Feature identification & extraction

By intelligently parsing through the collected data and imagery, Herzog is able to quickly and accurately identify the assets of interest, whether those be PTC critical features or infrastructure components.

PTC Subdiv file generation

Understanding the importance of time in the railroad environment, Herzog created a Subdiv file generator to minimize generation time and rework. The Subdiv generator performs a multitude of automated checks and tests to ensure the Subdiv file will function appropriately when operational.

Related Innovations

SpeedTrax® Platform

SpeedTrax® Platform

With its portable design, SpeedTrax® is capable of being installed on rail-borne vehicles. It can collect GIS data as well as a variety of data types to support the requirements of PTC and beyond.

Video Track Chart℠

Video Track Chart℠

Herzog’s Video Track Chart℠ (VTC) software application provides access to up-to-date imagery types, track charts, and geographic maps in one easy to use format. Highly secure, yet accessible via web access, VTC is the portal for viewing your track and its asset information.

GIS Software

GIS Software

GIS data is increasingly important to railroads due to the advent of PTC requirements, but raw survey data is not enough. Herzog has created a series of software applications to process GIS data quickly and accurately.

Herzog Survey Platform

ProScan LiDAR Truck

The Herzog Survey Platform scans the surface of the right-of-way area at speeds up to 30 mph. The vehicle’s precision LiDAR technology increases survey accuracy and decreases track time on busy corridors.

GIS Data Collection Featured Project

MBTA PTC GIS Survey and Data Processing

Ansaldo STS selected Herzog to be the provider of survey and GIS solutions for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) PTC project. Herzog is responsible for providing video, LiDAR, imagery, GPS, and cellular coverage data for 400+ miles of the MBTA system. Herzog provided all requested data for MBTA’s ACSES PTC implementation.