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Material Handling

Flexible, efficient, and safe material handling services

Railroad Material Handling & Maintenance Solutions

Herzog Railroad Services

Herzog’s material handling capabilities lead the railroad industry. Our innovative, versatile equipment increases productivity and safety for right-of-way maintenance from tie distribution to Positive Train Control foundation installation.

We are able to minimize the time crews spend on track by transporting, loading, and unloading high volumes of various materials in single units to multiple worksites.

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Who We Serve
Class 1 railroads
Short line railroads
Regional railroads
Transit operations
Construction contractors
General Services
Transporting material
Loading materials
Unloading materials
24/7 availability
Material Handling Equipment Abilities
Rail distribution & pick-up
Tie distribution
Aggregate hauling
Aggregate distribution
PTC infrastructure installation
OTM material distribution
OTM material retrieval
Snow removal for rail tracks
Vegetation control

Complete material handling services & equipment

Herzog’s range of material handling services can help railroad clients complete the most routine or unexpected tasks. We are the rail industry’s go-to source for the most experienced operators, latest material handling equipment, and 24/7 availability.

Welded rail distribution machine for railways


Rail distribution and pick-up equipment

Using our specialized equipment, Herzog can tackle any size or type of rail placement, removal, or transport with our rail distribution and pick-up equipment.

Herzog material handling and maintenance solutions


Aggregate hauling & distribution

Herzog’s fleet of equipment can handle the transport or distribution of materials ranging from ballast, rip rap, or sand to remote job sites.

CarTopper machine


Tie distribution & pick up equipment

With GPS technology we provide precise tie placement to optimize tie-gang production. Our equipment also picks up and relocates scrap ties for disposal or reuse.


Ditching equipment

Our ditch profiling and excavation capabilities ensure proper drainage along the right-of-way to help maintain the structural integrity of the track.

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Multi-Purpose Machine®


PTC infrastructure installation equipment

Herzog transports and installs PTC foundations, towers, and bungalow pads for subsequent hookup and configuration. We also haul away decommissioned infrastructure for disposal or reuse.

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Multi-Purpose Machine®


OTM material distribution & retrieval equipment

Our machines set out new material for rail gang production and are also equipped with electromagnetic attachments to pick up and unload spikes, clips, plates, and anchors when work is completed.


On-rail snow removal equipment

After unexpected snowstorms, Herzog can clear and haul away snow In space-constricted areas such as platforms or yards to maintain normal operations.

Related Equipment

Multi-Purpose Machine®


Vegetation control equipment

When overgrown vegetation encroaches the right-of-way, Herzog performs necessary brush cutting and tree shearing to ensure visibility for operators and avoid damage to rail infrastructure.

Related Equipment

Multi-Purpose Machine®

Added Value

Extensive research and development

Continuous engagement with our customer base has enabled Herzog to build custom equipment to meet the ever-evolving needs of the industry. Our focus on R&D and innovation have placed us in a competitive position to meet the demands of the future.

Equipment leasing options

We can tailor leasing agreements to maximize our customers’ maintenance programs.