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Rail Testing Vehicles

Comprehensive and thorough
rail testing platforms

Rail Flaw Detection Vehicles

Herzog has been providing rail flaw detection vehicles using ultrasonic technology to heavy haul and transit customers in North America since 1992.

Continuous attention to product quality, customer service, safety, and vehicle availability are what sets us apart from our competition.

Related Capability
Applications + Purpose
Rail flaw detection
Preventative maintenance
Related Industries
Class 1 railroads
Short line railroads
Rail transit systems
Industry spurs

Highest standard for reliability

Equipped with the latest phased array and conventional ultrasonic technology, our test vehicles excel at detecting rail defects, including all defects listed in FRA CFR 49 213.113, customer-defined defects, such as surface deviations, and transverse defects historically masked by shelled rail.

Herzog has received numerous industry awards for an outstanding safety record. Our rail testing vehicles have quick mobilization with road to rail capability, and can fit in tight clearance envelopes such as yards, transits, and tunnels.

Phased Array & Conventional
Ultrasonic Testing Vehicle Features

Phased Array Ultrasonic
(PAUT) Testing

Herzog’s patented phased array technology corrects the sound entry angle according to the measured rail surface.


3D modeling

Our PAUT vehicle provides ultrasonic testing data and laser profile imaging create a complete three-dimensional model of the rail.

Conventional Ultrasonic

Our patented fixed probe design eliminates long water path reducing errors caused by temperature fluctuation.


Mode flexibility

Available modes include standard ultrasonic, crossover testing, inventory rail certification, and non-stop/post verification.

Innovation rail flaw detection vehicles


Hyrail freightliners

These Herzog trucks are optimal for mainline track inspections. They are operated by one driver and one technician inside the shell.


Hyrail pickups

Herzog’s one-ton pickups are ideal for mountainous regions, urban settings, and can handle any mainline inspections.

flaw detection vehicles for railways


Hyrail UTVs

These small, nimble vehicles are able to easily maneuver in sidings, yards, and other constrained areas with tight envelopes.

Rail Flaw detection services for Herzog railways



Hand carts available for testing smaller areas such as crossovers and performing inspections on inventory rail.