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Equipment Leasing

Short and long-term leases available

Rail equipment leasing

Herzog Contracting Corp.

Herzog maintains a late model fleet of hyrail support vehicles, maintenance-of-way, and specialty equipment. Short and long-term leases are available subject to equipment availability.

Units are located in various regions and are outfitted to meet the needs of contractors, freight rail, and transit systems.

Hyrail Support Vehicles

Leasing Hyrail Boom Truck


Hyrail Boom Truck

Picks up and transports materials in areas of difficult access along the right-of-way. Good for general maintenance work, Positive Train Control (PTC) tasks, transporting housings, signals, and switches. Various options available.


  • Straight mast, knuckle boom,
    PTC with auger drive
  • 8 to 28-ton boom
  • 18’ to 21’ bed sizes
  • Tandem axle chassis
  • Hyrail gear
  • Outriggers

rail equipment leasing


Hyrail Brush Truck

Herzog’s custom brush truck is specifically designed to remove mill scale and rust from the entire profile of the rail to ensure the integrity of signal circuits and track crossings. It is operated by a single driver and ideal for transit systems suffering from rust and poor connection.


  • 12” brush diameter
  • 2,000 rpm brush speed
  • Up to 35mph working speed
  • GVWR 26,000
  • Hyrail gear

Material handler - leasing


Hyrail Material Handler

Picks up and distributes ties and sticks of rail. Magnet function allows for quick retrieval of rail plates, spikes, and fasteners. Various options available.


  • 22’ to 27’ reach
  • Heavy-duty platform body
  • Removable vertical side posts
  • Removable wood plank sides
  • Remote drive system
  • Remote controller
  • Side access ladder
  • Tie-down winches and straps
  • Front and rear bulkheads
  • 12/24-volt battery system
  • Grapple & magnet
  • Hyrail gear

Leasing Rotary Dump W Hyrail 2


Hyrail Rotary Dump

Distribute ballast on track bed and shoulders while traveling on the rail. A custom spreader box option is also available to increase placement precision. The rotating dump bed deposits loads on either side of the truck.


  • 14’ to 16’ dump boxes
  • 12 cy capacity
  • 180° dumping rotation
  • Tandem axle chassis
  • Hyrail gear
  • Raildogs
  • Rear pintle hitch
  • Rear material apron
  • Tarp

Leasing - Hyrail Welding Van


Hyrail Welding Van

Carry welding equipment and other MOW tools for on-rail work in remote areas. Tool options may vary.


  • 15’ to 16’ cargo van body
  • Hyrail gear
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Roll-up door
  • Lift gate
  • Hydraulic tool circuit
  • Welder
  • Workbench and shelving

Water truck leasing


Hyrail Water Truck

Assists with dust control and provides fire protection when workers are grinding rail.


  • 2,500 gal water tank
  • Hyrail gear
  • Tank runners
  • Rewind hose reel
  • Lighting system


Hyrail Vehicles

Durable, light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and SUVs with road-to-rail capabilities. Various outfits available.

HyRail Types

  • SUV
  • Service body
  • Standard pickup


MOW Equipment

Leasing | Harsco TS-50-27 Stabilizer


Dynamic Track Stabilizer

Used in new construction and rail replacement to ensure transits are not placed under slow orders due to lack of track stability.


  • 50 tons of horizontal force
  • 50,000 lbs of vertical force
  • 0-3 mph work speed
  • Climate-controlled enclosed cab

Equipment Leasing - Dymax Lorailer



Self-propelled platform ideal for moving material, spreading ballast, and transporting non-hyrail equipment or vehicles to remote job sites. Various sizes available.


  • 80,000 lb max capacity
  • Cab option available
  • Hydraulic turntable
  • Deck extension options

Specification Sheet

Lo-Railer Specification Sheet

Leasing - CWR Rail Train


CWR Rail Train

Transport continuous welded rail with a rail cart consist. The number of carts required is based on the length of the rail. Max. of 8 sticks of rail can be moved at one time.


  • Max capacity: 8 rails
  • High- and low-profile clearance
  • Brake option
  • Steel or rubber wheels

Railway equipment leasing program



Remove and install prefabricated switches and crossings or plain line track panels without distortion, cutting into sections, or dismantling.


  • 1-12 units available
  • 16 ton lifting capacity
  • 0-3 mph self-propelled traveling speed

Specification Sheet

PUMS Specification Sheet

Rail equipment leasing


Tie Gang

Tie gang units available as a complete gang or separate. Other MOW tie handling and rail replacement equipment available upon request.

Equipment Types

  • Tie crane
  • Spike puller
  • Spike driver
  • Tie remover/inserter
  • Rail lifter
  • Chase tamper


Specialty Equipment

Hippo on Rail


Hyrail UTV (Polaris Hippo)

This hydraulic, air, electric, and welding powerhouse is a single unit, powered by the Ranger’s diesel engine, and supports light maintenance activities.


  • 8 gpm @ 2,000 psi adjustable flow hydraulic power unit
  • 40 cfm @ 100 psi air compressor
  • 240 amp DC welder
  • Hyrail gear

Specification Sheet

Polaris HIPPO Specification Sheet

Leasing Brushcutter



The brushcutter clears, cuts and mulches vegetation simultaneously from right-of-way for site work or maintenance purposes.


  • 2-operator cab
  • Enclosed and climate-controlled
  • 2 hydraulic cutter arms
  • 30’ cutting reach on each side of the track
  • 21’ vertical reach
  • 8’ cutting width per head

Crane-Train Conderman


Crane Train

Power unit and dolly used to transport mobile, crawler, or rough terrain cranes on rail to remote locations with limited access.


  • All welded construction
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Closed-loop hydrostatic drive
  • Variable displacement flow on demand
  • 5.5 to 1 planet reducers
  • 8-50,000 lb (22,750 kg) capacity bearings
  • 200-ton high load capacity
  • 16’’ forged wheels
  • Speed varies depending on the application
  • Pivotal platform

Specification Sheet

Crain Train Specification Sheet


Tie Truck

Our Tie Truck was designed to transport ties in locations of close proximity, reducing the need for a trailer. Easily unloaded with a forklift.


  • Straps
  • Street legal
  • GVWR 66,000
  • 275’’ WB
  • 192’’ CA
  • 120’’ after frame
  • 20K front axle
  • 46K rear axle