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Safety Matters. Seconds Count.


Critical asset monitoring technology for railroads

RailSentryTM is an advanced, intelligent solution that mitigates collisions between a train and vehicles, people, or other objects.

It is the only solution that integrates with Positive Train Control (PTC) and the locomotive onboard unit to notify locomotive engineers of a potential hazard ahead.

Related Capabilities Related Innovation
Vehicles stalled or stranded on railway
Detection of anomolous traffic behaviors at rail crossings
Trespasser detection
Vehicle and pedestrian counting
Track obstruction detection
Recommended Sites
At-grade crossings
Passenger Stations/platforms
Rail yards
Areas prone to rock slides
Smart cities
User Notifications
Locomotive engineers
Train dispatchers
Emergency services
General public

Overview of RailSentry™

Railroad safety, redefined.

According to the US DOT, around 125,000 highway-rail grade crossings exist in the United States. Proactively monitoring a small number of these with older technology would be daunting. Herzog’s critical asset monitoring technology enables analysis that was previously impractical. RailSentry represents an innovative, practical, and cost-effective solution to increase safety in the rail environment.

How RailSentry™ Functions

RailSentry creates a digital twin of the environment to specify a classification of objects through a multi-sensor solution that monitors and tracks animate and inanimate objects including people, vehicles, bicycles, or backpacks/luggage in and around road crossings, station platforms, and other high-risk sites. Alert notifications can be deployed to locomotive engineers, train dispatchers, security personnel, or emergency services, through messaging applications or integrated warning devices, such as electronic signage and audible alerts.


RailSentry excels in real-time object detection using a multi-sensor solution installed at areas of interest along the right-of-way.


Herzog’s AI-based learning software solution applies business logic to detect changes in areas of interest and anticipate potential issues.


Once a hazardous condition is detected, alerts are generated and delivered based on RailSentry’s operational logic. Valuable seconds are spared by instantaneous communication. Notifications are configurable and directed to the right people at the right time.