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Video Track Chart℠

Explore your track, safely,
and from anywhere

Video Track Chart for Railway

Herzog’s Video Track Chart℠ (VTC) software application provides access to up-to-date imagery types, track charts, and geographic maps in one easy-to-use format. Highly secure and accessible via web access, VTC is the portal for viewing your track and its asset information.

Allowing for remote viewing of railroad information, the safety aspect of this application cannot be understated. Certain field exercises can be minimized or eliminated by using VTC, thus keeping railroad employees out of potentially hazardous situations.

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Making track
data accessible

Integrating this previously compartmentalized technology and application, VTC solves the issues of data access, data overload, and data navigation by merging these compartments.

Whether it be the management of raw data, your railroad’s imagery library, or updating track charts, VTC simplifies this difficult task.

Video Track Chart℠ Features


“Digital” track charts are created programmatically using the latest survey data. Scroll, zoom and interact with your track charts giving you previously unavailable capabilities. Personalize your track chart view, toggling features on and off as desired.


All functionality is synchronized together based on geo-referencing allowing users to navigate to a specific area, accessing all pertinent information for that location.

Geographic map

Although the schematic presents your location in reference to railroad features and track, the geographic maps give you context for where you are in the world.

Enhanced imagery

View all available track imagery including HD and 360° video, LiDAR point clouds, aerial, and still options.


As a web-based application, VTC is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.