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Railcar Repair Services

Stay on track

Railcar Repair Services

Herzog Railroad Services

Herzog owns and operates two state-of-the-art railcar repair facilities in St. Joseph, Missouri, and Falls City, Nebraska, with direct interchange service to the BNSF and Union Pacific railroads.

At our convenient Midwest locations, certified professionals focus on fast turnaround times and providing our customers with safe, quality workmanship at a competitive price.

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Who We Serve
Class 1 railroads
Short line railroads
Leasing companies
Private car owners
Capability Services
Preventative maintenance
Railcar modifications
Railcar repairs
Project Process
Repair & testing
Quality control inspection
AAR-certified repair specialists
M-1003 Quality Assurance
M-214 Truck Rebuild
S-2034 Car Builder

An AAR M-1003 Certified Process

Our AAR M-1003 quality assurance certification creates transparency and a system of checks and balances. It provides our clients with the confidence that Herzog strictly conforms to AAR-industry standards, specifications, rules, practices, and federal regulatory requirements.

We closely audit and document all contract activities including design, procurement, manufacturing, and testing to help us maintain traceability to vendors for parts and materials, as well as to the technicians on the floor who performed the work. Clients are sent weekly reports on the status of their repair.


Herzog receives an in-route order from a client detailing damage or maintenance required. A specialist schedules the equipment for repair and routes it to the appropriate service location.


Herzog technicians perform a thorough physical inspection and generate an estimate detailing the scope of work, labor, and price.


After the repairs have been identified and approved, we order any replacement parts (reconditioned or new) and materials we don’t already have on-site from AAR-approved suppliers.

Repair & Testing

Once repairs, modifications, and testing are complete, the technician and supervisor prepare the equipment for final inspection.

Quality Control Inspection

Our quality assurance inspector checks that we have performed each work order line item and meets the criteria our client has laid out. Our client is notified and the equipment is set out on track for pickup.


Robust capabilities

When new rules become the industry standard, you can count on Herzog to have the knowledge and resources to keep your railcars in service.

Preventative maintenance

Herzog’s preventative maintenance program keeps your rail cars in top condition.

  • Welding
  • Wheel replacement
  • Air brake testing
  • Draft system inspections and rebuilds
  • Interior lining repairs
  • Car cleaning for non-toxic commodities
  • Blast & exterior painting in Falls City, Nebraska

Modifications & repairs

We help get your equipment back on track and in service.

  • Car modifications
  • Heavy wreck repair
  • Rule 88 upgrades and rebuilds
Added Value

Climate-controlled facility

Our heated facility offers a safe, comfortable working environment for technicians, resulting in increased productivity and quality.

Railcar weighing and stenciling

Our on-site calibrated rail scales in St. Joseph, Missouri precisely detect the weight of your cars and mark them to avoid future overloading.



AAR-certified repair specialists

  • M-1003 Quality Assurance
  • M-214 Truck Rebuild
  • S-2034 Car Builder
association of american railroads
AARM 103