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Automated Tie-Down Car®

More secure than conventional
tie down cars

Automatic Rail Clamping and
Unclamping Machine


Welded rail trains move massive amounts of continuous welded rail (CWR) from the rail/steel plants to job sites throughout the system of rail networks across North America. To move that product safely, it has to be secured to the rail train to prevent it from moving during transit.

The Automated Tie-Down Car® (ATC) secures CWR to most existing rail train configurations with more power, faster operation, and better remote access than conventional systems.

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Applications + Purpose
Rail loading and unloading
New track construction
Related Industries
Freight railroads
Commuter railroads
Short line railroads

Getting a lock on CWR transit

Conventional systems bolt steel plates over the base of the rails in multiple spots on each rail to transport. This takes extra time and manpower to do, both at the rail plants and at the unloading site.

With the ATC, no time is wasted waiting on crews to manually clamp/unclamp rail. The ATC also eliminates the need for maintenance-intensive air compressors with air-operated impact wrenches that can be lost, broken, and unreliable.

Automated Tie Down Car® Features