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Herzog Awarded RTD Project

Herzog was awarded the 30th and Welton Rail Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project by the Regional Transportation District (RTD) after submitting a competitive bid package in January.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


This $1.4M project involves the complete rehabilitation of the light rail guideway within a segment of the L Line between 30th and Downing Street in downtown Denver, CO. RTD will suspend light rail service on this segment of the L Line to enable the work. The L Line was constructed in 1994 with much of the light rail equipment and tracks are past their useful life.

The 30th and Welton Rail Replacement Project includes the demolition of the concrete and asphalt that embeds the track and the removal of the track, concrete ties, and ballast. Herzog will then stabilize the underlying subgrade with geogrid and reconstruct the track with work to include new ballast and 815 feet of 115 RE rail, concrete ties with e-clips, drainage structures, embedded trackway concrete paving, and signing and striping. This project will also include the replacement of a No. 11 turnout and switch heaters.

The work will require extensive vehicular and pedestrian traffic control planning and coordination with the City of Denver to accommodate the closure of Welton Street and the detour of traffic and pedestrians during construction.

Work will take place in the Spring of 2023 during a 14-day shutdown.