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HRSI R&D Health Challenge a Success!

The R&D/Engineering group of HRSI recently conducted a health challenge from January 20 through April 7. It was originally planned to end on April 14th, but several people (who shall remain unnamed) did not want to stay disciplined through their Easter weekend dinners! 😄 Aimed to motivate and encourage group members to make healthier choices, eighteen participants joined in, with payouts for 1st & 2nd place in the “pounds lost” category and one winner in the “body fat percentage” category. Project Manager John Kieser initiated the challenge, inspired by previous competitions he had participated in. John hopes this will spark an interest in others to create a version of their own with their Herzog colleagues.

The challenge had a significant impact on the group as they talked about it daily and enjoyed the friendly competition that continued to grow as the weeks wore on. Each participant had their own style and goal, making it interesting to see the results. The objective was not just to lose weight, but to push each other towards healthier choices and achieve their goals. The group collectively lost an impressive 250 lbs!

At the final weigh-in, CAD Manager Tyler Mejia was crowned the winner in both the “pounds lost” and “body fat percentage” categories for losing 16% of his body weight and 28% of his body fat.

The competition for 2nd place was intense during the last 4-6 weeks, with Mechanical Designer Taylor Collins beating out Inbound Inspector Chris Morrow to take that prize.

The challenge was ultimately a success. All participants came down from their starting point and pushed each other to get better every day. The group has already discussed the next stage or challenge to keep themselves on track and is excited for what the summer will bring. This was a great example of how group challenges can bring people together and motivate them in the pursuit of excellence. Way to go, everyone!