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November Shoutouts

CapMetro Signals – Please join us in congratulating our signal team at CapMetro for working a fantastic 13 years injury-free. They come to work daily with a Get Better Mindset and will not perform a task unless they Know the Work.





CapMetro MOW – Major kudos goes out to our maintenance-of-way team at CapMetro for working, as of August 1st, two years injury-free. Fully living the belief of Safety Without Compromise.




Trinity Railway Express MOW – Congratulations to our maintenance-of-way team at Trinity Railway Express for working, as of September 6th, one-year injury-free. Know the work. No shortcuts. No exceptions.



Brightline Track & Signals – As of October 1, our track & signal team at Brightline has worked 1 year injury-free. Congratulations! A true example of the Power of the Team! 




TriRail Transportation Team – Please join us in congratulating our transportation team at Tri-Rail for working 1 year injury-free. They come to work each day with a Get Better Mindset and will not perform a task unless they Know the Work.



Metrolink – When the Metrolink Arrow Division of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department sought to enhance their SWAT training on the DMU this fall, Herzog-TASI rose to the occasion, delivering an exceptional event in collaboration with Metrolink, Alstom Mechanical, and TASI management.

This two-day endeavor commenced with a select group of leaders immersing themselves in a detailed walkthrough of the equipment on the first day. They meticulously observed, asked questions, and strategized with TASI management, setting the stage for a dynamic second day. The event welcomed the entire San Bernardino County SWAT team, four K-9 units, the Bus/Public Transit team, Metrolink-Arrow team, Lieutenants, Captains, and Sergeants, all converging at AMF to delve into the intricacies of the equipment, understand the territory, grasp our crew’s responsibilities, and engage in hands-on training on the DMU.

Exhibiting Passion for the Customer, this event showcased the dedication and expertise of  TASI’s Tyler Pruitt, Dave Matteson, Garrett Byrd, and David “DX”Johnson. Their active involvement exemplifies the true essence of Power of the Team, underscoring our commitment to collaboration, expertise, and customer-centric solutions.

Hats off to the collective efforts that made this event a success, reaffirming Herzog/TASI’s commitment to excellence in training and customer satisfaction!


New Mexico Rail Runner – Check out the recent crane training for our New Mexico Rail Runner Maintenance-of-Way team. This activity demonstrated teamwork in action, showcasing the power of collaboration. Safety Manager Miguel Malave gave a big shout-out and thank you to everyone who participated with their unwavering dedication and hard work, “Your relentless efforts have made it possible for our employees to now wield the necessary tools for success. REMEMBER: KNOW THE JOB. NO SHORTCUTS. Your commitment to excellence is driving us forward, and we’re incredibly proud to have such a dynamic and skilled team on board. Keep up the fantastic work!”


HTSI Safety & Compliance –  Safety and Compliance personnel from Herzog Transit Services Inc. took center stage as they orchestrated the first ever Herzog Dispatch Summit this fall at our state-of-the-art Training Center in DFW.

Gathering dispatch leaders from every property, the summit was a dynamic forum where conversations flourished around the strategic application of our Culture Playbook and R Factor tenets to elevate leadership within our Dispatch teams. This collaborative exchange aimed at fostering a culture of excellence within our dispatch operations.

The two-day summit was full of engaging training and discussions, delving into crucial aspects such as safety, EEO, and regulatory compliance. It provided an invaluable opportunity for our dispatch leaders to synergize, share insights, and align strategies that propel us forward on the path of operational brilliance.