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May Shoutouts

OKC STREETCAR – Big thanks to our amazing OKC Streetcar team for their unwavering support in meeting the transit needs of Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon participants and fans the last weekend in April. With 25,000 runners in close proximity to the service route, our personnel faced complex challenges that demanded close collaboration and an unrelenting commitment to safety. Thanks to the incredible teamwork and dedication of our OKC crew, we delivered elite results and ensured the safety of all involved. This is how we rise to the occasion!


TRI-RAIL – The service track was out of service due to repairs and upgrades. New 136#  welded rail has been installed between the two cobras (crossings in the yard), new ties through the shop, and painted pit with new LED lights. Brett W. Taylor (Mechanical Manager) and Ruben Espinosa (Facilities Coordinator) developed a plan for the mechanics and cleaning crew to service the train on two different tracks while this work was being performed. Thank you to the mechanical team for adapting to this change and working as a team so we could continue servicing the equipment and running on time. Power of the TEAM!





METROLINK – As of 5/17, Metrolink Arrow has reached working 1 year injury- and rule violation-free. This team started up service on newly rebuilt track with new DMUs and continue to work with great Passion for the Customer!

CTRAIL – As of 5/8,  CTrail has reached a milestone of working 500 days injury-free. This team works on the very busy Northeast Corridor and is our first and only interstate rail operation, currently. Also, winters can be very brutal. Snowfall averages, from north to south, are 41-25 inches. Great job, CTrail team!

SUNRAIL SIGNAL MOW – As of 5/5, the SunRail Signal team has worked 2,400 days injury-free. We must take time to celebrate these wins and thank all of those involved. Thank you!