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Kickoff to Summer Spike 2023


Summer Spike is a campaign to help employees stay focused on the task at hand and reduce safety incidents around the summer holidays. Industry and Herzog-specific incidents historically rise due to the risks and distractions that accompany summer work. Summer Spike is a proactive approach to mitigate this trend.

Herzog’s goal through engagement in Summer Spike is to encourage every member of our professional family to actively demonstrate our belief in Safety Without Compromise. We are responsible for completing our work in a manner that Takes Care of Each Other and ensures that everyone goes home at the end of the day.

All transit properties participate in daily talks and provided meals for our employees during the weeks of Summer Spike. The purpose of these events is to highlight our safety behaviors.

5/22 – Summer Spike Week 1: Working in the Head – Be Prepared
6/26 – Summer Spike Week 2: Substance and Alcohol Use/Abuse
7/24 – Summer Spike Week 3: Balance – Clarity/Get Your Mind Right
8/21 – Summer Spike Week 4: No Shortcuts – Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Check out a few special activities held around the company this summer in connection with this campaign.



The OKC Streetcar staff organized a vibrant cookout at the transit facility, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.

Several engagement activities were held including the planting of a flowerbed in the shape of the Embark logo, right in front of the Embark facility.

This creative endeavor not only added aesthetic appeal but also demonstrated the team’s dedication to embodying the Embark brand. Furthermore, employees collaborated to construct a much-needed stone pathway, designed to enhance accessibility and convenience for Herzog’s hard working staff. The completion of this pathway was commemorated through a ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the team’s commitment to continuous improvement.

A pivotal part of the Summer Spike event was the safety discussion led by HTSI President Scott Perry and Joel Garcia from Embark. Together with the OKC team, they led an insightful conversation focused on key safety considerations, especially relevant during the summer months. Emphasizing the importance of proper hydration and recognizing heat-related symptoms, the discussion aimed to ensure the well-being of our employees. Furthermore, the recent spike in vehicle incidents was addressed, underlining the need for increased vigilance and adherence to safety protocols. 

Moreover, the session encouraged employees to contribute their heat mitigation-related ideas. Management expressed openness to consider and deliberate upon any suggestions, reinforcing the value placed on collaboration and communication.



Herzog’s Metrolink track and signal maintenance team commenced  the second week of Summer Spike with a joint meeting and instructional session held at its warehouse in Pomona, CA.  The primary objective of this training was to increase the knowledge and understanding of Herzog team members. By addressing areas such as crossings and switches, Herzog aimed to improve the team’s expertise in handling the critical components of Metrolink operations by following the guidelines specified in 49CFR Pt243. Furthermore, the training incorporated joint switch inspections and emphasized the importance of adhering to post-project Inspection expectations. Sessions were conducted during night and day shifts to ensure comprehensive coverage for all personnel.

Given the geographical dispersion of Herzog’s team members across the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, it becomes crucial to seize opportunities like Summer Spike to bring the teams together. The program serves as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling our personnel to learn from one another’s experiences and best practices.

It’s worth mentioning that the training program that was implemented was locally developed, taking into consideration the specific needs and challenges faced by the Metrolink team. As a result, Herzog can tailor the content and delivery to effectively address the safety concerns relevant to operations. While Summer Spike serves as a prominent occasion for these training sessions, the team conducts similar classes throughout the year to ensure continuous improvement and sustained awareness among our workforce.

By investing in comprehensive training initiatives like the one undertaken during Summer Spike, Metrolink strives to mitigate rule violations and other safety issues. These efforts contribute to a safety-conscious culture within our signal and track maintenance team, further enhancing the overall safety and reliability of our services.